Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I understand that Christmas is the season of giving, but why and how does it turn into the season of just giving without thinking? It's almost becoming like a competition. I have to give so and so something and spend so much - why? Why can't people - if they want to even give a gift - find something meaningful and put some thought into the gift rather than just spend the money wastefully? Case in point, we received a food gift the other day. It's a food that neither my husband or I like. The people we received the gift know us and have never, ever seen either one of us eat this particular food or say that we like it. So why then buy it for us as a gift - just to say they sent us something and spent the money? To me and my husband, it's a waste of money. I know this may sound trite and ungrateful, but this is an ongoing battle with the people that sent us this gift - to not waste their money just to say that they bought us something or did something for us. We would rather they save their money and just spend quiet family time with us, or do something charitable with it. It's been a conversation we've had time and again with them and seems to always fall on deaf ears. So we will continue to be gracious, and tell them thank you for the gift but it's not something we really like, ask them to not waste their money on us, have it fall on deaf ears, and sit down at Christmas dinner, only to have the whole scenario repeat itself on the next gift giving occasion.

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