Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby Love

This week alone I think I’ve seen no less than four article titles about knowing how your baby / child loves you. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t need someone else to tell me how to tell if my baby / child loves me. They each show me every day how much they love me in the little things they do.
Bug – for as much as he tells me he wants a new mommy – I know he loves me when he asks me to cuddle with him and watch a favorite TV show, or to take the time to play a game or just sit and color with him, or when he asks to help me cook, or even when he says “Thank You” – yes, there are kids that still say “Please” and “Thank You” – for making a meal for him. Or the times that he will just come up to me and hug me.
Buddha is learning to give kisses. Oh – baby kisses! Those opened mouth, drool laden, wet kisses that can land any where on your face – your check, your nose, your eyes, your mouth. Then there are times when she’s tired that she snuggles into my neck and rubs my arms or plays with my hair. Oh, and let’s not forget the early morning cuddle fest – where she’ll go from Hubby to me, back to Hubby, and then back to me, laying on our chests, like she’s comparing who’s more comfortable.
So even though they don’t say, “I love you, Mom”, I know my babies love me.


casual friday everyday said...

I agree. I don't need to read an article that teaches me how to figure that out LOL

Tishia said...

Yep I agree article needed to tell me how much my 'baby' (who's going to be 10 soon) loves me. He isn't as cuddly as he used to be but he still has all his ways of showing me how much he loves me. And besides every child/baby is different so no article can tell each and everyone of us how to tell if our children love us.