Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Things

Another momma blogger I read had this on her latest post, so I'd thought I'd try it here.

Five Random Things About Me:

1. I find it hard to delegate work. This pertains to when I worked outside the home and even housework tasks. I'm getting better. Heck, if I didn't let my husband fold some of the clothes everything would stay in a laundry basket wadded up. (But I secretly refold the towels ssshhh.)

2. I met my husband in a bar/dance club 12 years ago. He kissed me that first night - that freaked me out a little bit. But we talked for about 8 hours the next day on the phone. The rest is history.

3. I LOVE any kind of cheesecake.

4. I have to have at least a sip of coffee in the morning before anyone can talk to me.

5. My BFF and I have been friends for (GULP) 22 years!

Five Places I'd like to visit or visit again

1. Disney World (again)

2. Hawaii

3. Nashville, TN

4. The Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming

5. The Outer Banks of North Carolina

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