Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Never Ending

Okay so I know wanting a clutter free home when we run two businesses out of the home, and with 2 kids, all the toys and baby stuff and four of us basically living on one floor of our house is an impossible and improbable dream. But is it too much to ask for to clean one room - just one room and have it stay clean for even an hour! I cleaned the living room yesterday with Bug - all that was left to do was take a box of toys and put them away in his room, only to have him say "Great, now I can play with my new Hot Wheels!" So now, needless to say, there are Hot Wheels all over the living room floor.

And what's the deal with everyone - um, Bug and the Husband, taking their shoes and socks off in the living room besides the stench, do they really think those things will just get up and walk themselves to the laundry hamper and closet? It must be a guy thing.

I asked Bug this morning "Where is it written that I'm the maid and have to pick everything after you?" "On your forehead." Do I have a wise-ass for a 6 year old, or what? I stared at him one, in utter amazement that he thinks that, and two, that he had the gall to actually say that to me? The stare must have worked because he suddenly had this look of terror in his eyes, and he immediately got up from what he was doing and picked up his shoes and backpack like I'd been telling him to for 15 minutes. And some of the cars got put away and even some of the groceries got magically put away. And even the Husband started chipping in and picking up. So the moral of the story is Mom has to get near erupting like Mount St. Helens for the anyone to start helping out.

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