Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Love / Hate Relationship with March

Part of me loves this time of year – the change from winter to spring. The tulips and daffodils sprouting up from their winter rest. The blue jays and robins singing their songs. The freshness in the air. Everyone gets re-motivated to start new projects. Everything/everyone seems to have a new energy about it.

But on the flip side – there’s the rain. The chilly kind that hurts your bones. If you’ve ever had a break or injury you know what I mean. And the mud. Bug is a mud magnet. If there’s mud outside he’ll find it. He found it the other day before changing out of his school uniform, and not only did his shoes find it, but his legs, butt, hands and face. UUGGHH! And then there’s my fffaaavvvooorrriiittteee – March Madness. Are you a March Madness widow? I am. I’m lucky if I get a “Hi, hon, I’m home” before he turns on ESPN, and checks his brackets. He used to much worse – he wouldn’t even eat dinner at the table. Before we had kids, I just gave in and we ate in the living room so he could watch the games. But now, I make him sit at the table with us. Sure – he basically swallows his food whole, but he’s at the table. At least until we get down to the Final Four. That’s when not even it being Easter, or Bug’s birthday or even his birthday, or an act of God would get him to move away from the TV. But I guess it’s only, what, three weeks out of the year.

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