Saturday, June 21, 2008

Goggling Yourself

Have you ever Goggled yourself? It's pretty cool and a little unnerving that you can just type your name into a search engine and actually get results. The power of the world wide web! I expected to find stuff under my husband's name because of articles he's been in the past for Rock Crawling. He competed for a few years. I never imagined to find myself, but there I was, just a few hits, but there just the same. It was kind of cool because what I found related to one of my "freelance" gigs, and was just a few days old. It was a post with my name in it on a WAHM forum. The timing was perfect because the woman who wrote the post was actually on my list of people to try to call today. Was that fate or what?
Still when I read some of the responses on the forum people had mixed feelings and I think someone even responded, "Run" when talking about the job opportunity. We've all been there. Working from home is an experience of trials and tribulations. Sometimes you get involved in the wrong things; and sometimes you hit on something really good. This particular freelance gig has been good for me. I've been doing it for two years now; I've gotten to know the owner. And I kind of take offense at someone insinuating that's it's a shady deal. The whole issue was because the e-mail server went down for a day, unknown to the owner, so an e-mail to me was returned as undeliverable. Well, I guess that's the downside of being out there on the world wide web - parts of your life are open for all to see and comment on. So it's kind of like reading the paper or hearing the news - take everything with a grain of salt and get on with your life.

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