Thursday, October 18, 2007

New to This

Okay - so I've gotten addicted to reading one blog in particular. So much so that it's inspired me to write my own. I don't know how entertaining this will be for anyone else, but I'm doing it more as an outlet for me. If you find it humorous or insightful, that's great. If you agree with my opinions, that's great; if not, that's fine, too.

Every mom has been there at one time or another. Picture this. . . it's 6 o'clock. You're trying to get dinner on the table. Your 5 year old is crying that he's hungry; your newborn is crying to nurse. The phone is ringing. You haven't been able to find time to even pee all day. And then a full glass of milk ends up on the floor, that you just cleaned earlier that day. Mount St. Mom is about to errupt. But instead of screaming at the top of your lungs, or grabbing your purse and running from the house screaming, or breaking all your Pyrex dishes, you need to step outside yourself. It's like a scene from your favorite family sitcom on TV. But it's really your life. It's not perfect. Chaos seems to run rampit from time to time, or all the time. So what's a mom to do? The best she can. You turn the burners a little lower, pick up the newborn to calm her crying, grab a handful of papertowels and help your 5 year old clean up the milk. Then you grab a handful of goldfish crackers for him to munch on while you finish up dinner, all the while doing the mommy bounce to keep the newborn from going horse. You then plate up the older child's dinner, give him a new glass of milk and sit down with him at the dinner table to nurse your infant while he eats dinner. When do you get to eat, hopefully at some point after both the kids are fed and content (are they ever really?). And where's darling hubby during all this - dealing with his own trials and tribulations of owning his own business and working 60+ hours a week - all so you can stay at home with the newborn and not have to put her in daycare. So what are parents to do? They best they can. At the end of the day, if there are no broken bones, tummies are full, faces are clean, it's been a good day. You've done the best you can - that's all anyone can ask.

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