Thursday, October 25, 2007

Too Much To Do

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. Some people think it's so easy being a WAHM - you can do laundry while you're working, do things with your kids when you want, not worry about dressing up, or even getting dressed if you don't want to. I don't know about other WAHMs but some days I miss the routine of dropping the kids off at daycare and going to a traditional job. At least I got to "leave" or "forget" about things for a while. I didn't have to stare at the laundry piling up because I'm trying to catch up and not miss deadlines for work. Or obsess about the dirt trail every time someone walks into house because we're doing construction. Or, God help me - and please no one take this the wrong way - get a break from a baby who has cholic and reflux, and just never seems to be content, even in her sleep she fusses most of the time. I love my kids - I can't imagine my world without them. But I just want a break every now and then. It's not easy being home. Between the baby and work the only time I really get out of the house is the drive to and from school for my son. And there's always someone crying, or asking me for help with homework, or asking me when dinner's going to be ready, or double checking me that I paid all the bills that need to be paid, or telling me that the baby's crying and I need to take care of her.

I know I'm just overtired and venting. I'm truly not on the verge of doing anything drastic. I think tomorrow weather permitting I'll bundle the baby up and we'll go over to the park for a walk. If not the park, maybe we'll just go to the mall and walk around, window shop, exchange a few outfits that she got - just something to get out of this house, and away from the usual routine, just a break.

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