Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One of Those Weeks

I'm having one of those weeks. It never fails. It always seems like when I'm trying to prepare everything to go on vacation all hell breaks lose. Buddha has an ear infection (which she's doing well getting over) but the medication is making her have diarrhea. Bug got in trouble at school, and has been late every morning this week - could that be due do Buddha's blood curling screams at all hours because of the ear infection?
The insurance company called today and said that they were paying on a claim from a car accident back in February that wasn't even our fault. As it turns out the copy of the police report turned into our insurance company and the copy that I had from the police department had differences. Tune in for that one; it could prove to be an interesting story.
Because Buddha's been getting sick so much from daycare - we went all winter with one kid in school and no big sickies; 3 months in daycare and stomach flu and now an ear infection - we've decided to pull her out of daycare. The director informed me that even though Buddha's only there one day, I need to give 4 weeks notice. Yeah right! I'm pulling her out because it's costing me money. Like I can afford to pay 4 weeks! Then I told the director that someone deposited my post-dated check before the date and screwed up my checking account. Her response was "Well, it cleared on our end." No *hit, Sherlock. My bank charged me 33.00 so they could clear the check.
To which I responded, "Well, it wasn't supposed to be deposited until Friday. You deposited it on Wednesday, which caused an overdraft on my account and my bank charged me $33.00."
"Well, you should have put a Post-It on it."
"Well, your bank shouldn't have accepted it." Can you tell how this conversation was going? "Consider this notice that [Buddha] will no longer be coming there."
"You'll have to provide that in writing and pay for 4 additional weeks."
"I'll send you something in writing. Bye."
And that's everything that's only happened since this morning. Can't wait for the next two days!

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