Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day Seven Giving Thanks

I did mean to post yesterday really I did. But something about working all morning, then taking 2 kids out to lunch and then shopping really did me in. I did mentally give thanks even though I didn't post it. But yesterday during our lunch/shopping adventure - my 5 year old is really making taking him any where these days an adventure! - I had the pleasure of crossing paths with some very nice people. I don't know their names but they were the men and women who took pity on me. I'm usually the type of person who says "no problem" and "I've got it; I can manage". Well, I guess right now I don't have it all that together or just look really, really tired, but these kind souls really helped me in their own little ways. The gentleman who stopped traffic so we could cross the parking lot at McDonald's; the women with their own kids in tow who kept an eye on my 5 year old while I went to the counter to order his lunch; the numerous customers and associates at Wal-Mart who told me where he was hiding every 5 minutes; and the associate who helped "talk him down" when he threw a fit because I wouldn't buy him Aqua Dots. So thank you to all the anonymous people who in their own ways perform good deeds every day.

About that Aqua Dots thing. I am so glad I didn't buy it and the associate did say something about a possible recall coming. I saw the news last night and heard about the recall. What's up with all these toy recalls? Isn't there someone that overseas these toys and games that are imported into this country for our kids? I was thinking about getting that toy for him for Christmas, too. But no way now. What ever we end up getting the kids for Christmas, you'd better believe that I'm going to research and review toys like never before, especially now with an infant in the house again!

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Neena said...

It's crazy isn't it - all those toy recalls?