Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Baby Sister

Today I'm thankful for my sister, Claudia. She called me today - just to say "Hi" - she does that alot. And I probably don't tell her often enough that I do enjoy that someone calls me just to say "Hi" and not complain about something or tell me about a problem. There's something you have to know about me and Claudia - we're 15 years apart. When she was born, I was a freshman in high school. Now she's preparing to graduate from college! Our conversations are usually long, sometimes about nothing at all and sometimes about everything. We share a lot of the same views about life, love and family. And even though we're 15 years apart (please don't do the math), she has a lot of good insights and offers a fresh perspective on things. She reminds me a lot of what I was like at her age. I'm proud of her and thankful to have her as my "baby" sister.

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