Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Man in My Life

I don't talk about him much but I do have a husband. He works very hard - he has his own business. So we - Itty Bitty (our 2 month old baby girl) and Bug (our 5 1/2 year old son) - don't really get to see him much. I guess that's the sacrifice so that I can stay home with Itty Bitty and volunteer at Bug's school. The Hubby and I have had trouble re-connecting since the Little Bitty joined the family. It feels like neither one of us has had time to breath since she was born. He's been working so much both on client projects and on our own construction project. I've been trying to keep some semblance of order in the house, taking care of the kiddos and coordinating various school and social events. Unfortunately, that doesn't allow for much one on one time. And right now date nights are hard because Itty Bitty is still nursing round the clock every 3 hours or so. And although she'll take a bottle if push came to shove, that still doesn't do much for me. I mean come on- how come they can make a diaper that lasts overnight but they can't make a nursing pad that can last an extra hour or two? Any way I digress. Even though we really need a date night, I decided to take some advice posted on other blog I read and the blogger happens to be an on-line buddy, and I got Hubby something he really likes - an appointment for a massage. Now you may think - yeah that's really a guy thing! But when you work your body as hard as Hubby does doing construction it's really therapeautic to have a professional massage. (Besides I've found that when I make the appointment for him, he comes home relaxed, not as stressed, and then suggests that I go the following weekend.)

Owe 2 days of giving thanks - my new garage (thanks Hubby), with winter coming this is a blessing; garage door openers - a frivolous feature but very much appreciated especially since the garage has nine foot doors on it!

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