Saturday, November 10, 2007

Days 9 & 10 Giving Thanks

There are just not enough hours in one day for a busy mom! So I owe 2 days of what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for friends. Friends that I see everyday; friends that are only on-line; and friends that I have known for 20+ years. Friends have laughed with me, cried with me. Friends have supported me and argued with me. Friends have kept me sane and been crazy with me. Thank you for my friends!

As a busy mom, I'm thankful for cell phone technology. Unlike my husband, my cell phone is not my "business" phone. But I am glad to have one. Most times it's just my safety net. You know the "just in case" something bad happens scenario. But there are times, with the running around that I just can't do everything. The cell phone allows me to keep in touch with people and multi-task with the various errands I have to do each day for my kids, myself, and my husband's business.

I just got finished snuggling with both my kids, and we watched a video. Not just any video but a video from my wedding. It's not a professionally done video. One of my husband's aunts did the filming. And after transferring it from the European format to VHS, and nine years of age, it's grainy, but it's still a beautiful reminder of a beautiful day. I endured the numerous questions from my son and inquiries into "who's that" and "I don't know that person". I love his curiosity. I hope and pray he never loses that. And I hope my daughter is just as inquisitive. It was a short video and after it ended, my son said "Oh, it's over. I was getting into it." He then rolled over and fell fast asleep. And then I looked down and my little daughter was fast asleep snuggled into my neck. God - thank you for my beautiful family and life. May I never forget moments like this.

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